JumpFit classes (Tuesdays 7pm – Whitechapel)

From: £10.00

The original jump rope class (since 2010)

We’ve trained everyone – boxers, fitness enthusiasts, influencers. They’ve had to come through us at some point.

Come and join our sessions and see how we can help you develop your fitness and jump rope skills

Combining jump rope with cardio to create a unique workout that has helped over 500 people and counting!

Book online or drop in. Message 07886029603 to book and for more details.



Mulberry Leisure Centre
Commercial Rd
E1 2BT



The longest running weekly jump rope class in the UK

Suitable for all levels, especially if you’ve never skipped before. We mix in jump rope with some bodyweight cardio which you can do at your own pace.


Warm Up – as we’re jumping rope anyway, we do the warm-up without the rope with some dynamic stretching and pulse raisers and light jumping to prepare us for the session ahead.

Intervals – After this, we do 1-2 minute intervals of jump rope with approximately 1 minute rest in between. This goes from basics up to more advanced moves and sometimes in reverse (don’t worry, it’ll make sense when you come)

There is breakdown of technique into steps during each interval with progressions and regressions, so you can progress from the level you’re at.

Drills – some intervals contain conditioning or technique drills without the rope. These help develop proper footwork, landing technique and coordination.

Tests – we throw in some tests so you can track your progress. These will be based on speed and will be over a 30 second and 1 minute distance of a set technique. We also throw in some endurance tests which could be between 3-5 minutes and you can develop your stamina with the rope as well as your proficiency and efficiency.

The main part of the session usually ends with a gauntlet which acts as our finisher and is something I developed unique to our class.

Once you’d been through that, we cool down with some single and double dutch and some stretching to end.

Come every week and develop your skills.


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