Boxing Coaching


One on one boxing sessions to include skills, technique and conditioning.

Honed over the last 12 years on coaching, this is NOT a boxercise session but like we would train our boxers

Same as our one to one sessions, but you can split between 2-4 people

Our signature camp which we took from training our amateurs and professionals. Taking the same ideas and principles and put you into “camp” we get you into your best shape but look at nutrition, strength and conditioning and boxing technique


This is a long story but I’ll try my best. 

My coaching career began in 2007.


I was boxing at the time and I was always getting asked about my jump rope skills and if I could teach people.

It was around this time I discovered the best jump rope I’ve ever used (to this day). I couldn’t get enough of these ropes and ended up becoming a distributor that year (long story short).


Now, I started doing a bit of coaching in the gym just on jump rope. In 2010 I established On The Ropes dedicated to jump rope training and selling jump ropes and started the first and longest running jump rope class outside of the US.

This grew to 3 classes across London, 4 quarterly workshops and in 2018 created the first ever globally accredited jump rope certification to certify new coaches.


Now going back a bit, while boxing, I got injured and in around 2011 which gave me an opportunity to develop. 

I was asked to help at the gym with some boxing sessions, training amateurs and doing some white-collar camps.

This is what started my transition from competition to boxing coaching.


Now I must say, I was doing all this all while working a day job in the city as a business analyst and later a project manager within the banking sector (this becomes relevant later)


Now, now working and training evenings and weekends, I learned two things:

  1. 1. There is such a thing as burnout
  2. 2. You can’t train newbies coming into a gym like you’re training seasoned boxers from the off

There was something missing and I needed to fill that gap while also looking at how I could manage my schedule and my life more effectively, as I enjoyed the training, but I couldn’t afford to or wasn’t comfortable enough leaving my day job (although working as a contractor allowed me the opportunity for breaks)


Anyway, so it’s 2011 and I started researching why you 200 crunches a session may not be the best way to train your core and could be a fast track to a bad back, about the importance of sleep, nutrition, exercise selection, you name it, I was soaking it up, applying it to myself and the classes.


Over the next few years, I picked up bits and bits to add to my skillset becoming a certified personal trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach (currently studying my masters) a sports massage therapist and a BioMechanics coach. I sought out the greatest minds in health and fitness to pick their brain and attend their courses. I heavily invested in my education.


So I’ve applied all of this knowledge and experience since 2007 into creating programmes that address the challenges I was facing and my clients were facing and am now in a position to provide something that delivers long term results with accountability and tracking. Again, I work with clients for a specific period of time, usually 12 or 16 weeks typically until we reach a goal or milestone.


So, if you want to discuss your goals or a potential opportunity to working with me on your goals, give me a call (+447886029603), drop me an email ([email protected]) or fill in the form at the bottom of this page.



Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach

MSc Strength & Conditioning (In progress)

BioMechanics Coach

Level 3 Sports Massage

CHEK Institute Integrated Movement Specialist level 1, 2, 3

CHEK Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 and 2

Founder of The Jump Rope Institute UK

ABA England Boxing Coach

Author of 3 globally accredited Jump Rope Certification programmes 


Training delivered by an ABA Boxing coach and strength and conditioning specialist. Sessions are tailored to each clients goals so can take the form of technique based sessions or more conditioning focused. Or a mix of both.

What is covered in the typical session:

Joint mobilisation and dynamic warmup
– Warm the body up by taking your body through a series of movements designed to raise the body temperature and activate the muscles that will be used during the session, taking them through a full range of motion – approximately 7-10 minutes

Skipping – as part of warm up and including technique
– A fundamental part of boxing sessions and essential for perfecting footwork and coordination. We use this as part of the warmup as well as working on technique so you can look like a boxer while jumping rope.

Footwork and movement drills
– We run through coordination and footwork drills which combine upper and lower body movements, moving forward, backward, laterally learning how to balance and use your hips.

Boxing technique (punches and combinations)
– Moving on from movement, we combine this with correct punching technique, covering basic and advanced punches and combinations while standing still and on the move as well as incorporating defensive tactics and skills. Includes shadow boxing and partner drills.

– This is where its’s combined together and you get to showcase your skills on the pads and learn to improve. Everyone loves tp punch stuff, so this is when you get to do this.

Conditioning circuits/core work
– Finishing off with some circuits where we use stations incorporating strength, speed, agility, power, coordination and endurance and working your core.

Stretch out
-Now those muscles are warm, we can work on stretching and flexibility and ensure you’re muscles are lengthened and you’re ready for another workout.



Boxing sessions

One on one and group sessions
£ From £80 Per session
  • One-one-one or shared between 2-4
  • Footwork and coordination, stance, punching technique, combinations, jump rope technique, circuits, developing strength and power, muscular endurance, stamina and balance
  • Customised as per your goals

Boxing Conditioning Camp

Train like a boxer in camp, get in your best shape
£ 80 Per session or £2500 for full 12 weeks
  • One on one
  • 36 sessions including technical coaching and all conditioning sessions
  • Bespoke Diet and Nutrition Plan
  • We cover footwork and coordination, stance, punching technique, combinations, jump rope technique, circuits, developing strength and power, muscular endurance, stamina and balance
  • Assessment and baseline testing (Strength and Conditioning battery of tests as well as movement)
  • Lifestyle assessment and habit tracking

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