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Jump Rope Personal Sessions – London (In Person)

With over 25 years of jumping experience and 10 years of teaching experience, I have trained over 400 people personally to reach their jump rope goals as well as thousands through my weekly classes and workshops worldwide.

Over that time, I have had the opportunity to learn from the best coaches – my own clients.
That has allowed me to hone the art of teaching jump rope and hack your learning curve so you can progress rapidly.

In addition, I have worked extensively with US Olympian and jump rope pioneer Buddy Lee over the last 10 years, developing training programmes and being the official UK distributor for Buddy Lee Jump Ropes.

Everyone is different, will respond to different cues, have different learning styles and different progression paths. My understanding of the nervous system and

Whether you’re a beginner, lapsed jumper, advanced or stuck on a particular move or routine, book a programme in and get jumping the right way!



Boxing – One to One (London)

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JumpFit classes (Tuesdays 7pm – Whitechapel)

The original jump rope class (since 2010)

We’ve trained everyone – boxers, fitness enthusiasts, influencers. They’ve had to come through us at some point.

Come and join our sessions and see how we can help you develop your fitness and jump rope skills

Combining jump rope with cardio to create a unique workout that has helped over 500 people and counting!

Book online or drop in. Message 07886029603 to book and for more details.



Mulberry Leisure Centre
Commercial Rd
E1 2BT