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White Rope Cords

  • Non-hollow and not threaded
  • Works with all hyperformance jump ropes
  • Lighter weight
  • Excellent for speed jumping
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Jump Rope Classes – London

This is a different take on interval classes with the added benefit of developing your jump rope skills and in turn your biomotor abilities. Skipping has shown to be one of the most effective workouts for burning fat and toning as well as a tool for improving agility, coordination, speed and endurance.

Held in London weekly.

London classes are every Tuesday at 7.00pm at Mulberry Leisure Centre

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Buddy Lee’s Jump Rope Training Instructional DVD

Teaches correct jump rope form and technique in order to improve health and fitness and sports performance.
4-step system teaches how to master the skills of jumping rope, attaining correct posture and form, and perfecting take off and landing technique.
Includes 15 key techniques and specialized programmes designed for developing superior fitness, toning, weight loss, reflexes, balance, coordination, endurance, explosiveness and athletic performance.

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Green Hornet Cable For Aero Speed Jump Rope

Stainless steel coated wire construction
Medium weight – excellent for speed
Fits all hyperformance jump rope bearings – RM, AE and CS
8’9″- for users up to 6,2′ (measured including the metal “housing” that holds the cable – please see image above)

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About Us

Established since 2007, On The Ropes have been the UK leader in jump rope training over the last decade. Starting off from being the first official UK supplier of Buddy Lee Jump Ropes, we grew from strength to strength and had to meet the increasing demand for training in the UK and Europe.
Since 2012, we started running jump rope classes, becoming the first provider in the UK to offer dedicated jump rope classes and lessons.


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