This is my boxing conditioning camp from 6-12 weeks of training to get you in great shape using boxing.

Now although we condition your body, we make sure you are doing it with the right technique. Every session builds up with technique, footwork, balance and coordination before progressing into strength, power and muscular endurance culminating in a metabolic finisher.

Train like a boxer, look like a boxer.


This is my bespoke personal training option if you're looking for something specific with a tailored program. I assess you and based on your goals develop a plan which meets your needs adding training, nutrition behavioural change coaching as needed


This is my flagship programme which all my work as a personal trainer has led me to, formualting a tested programme. This is a for transformation that goes beyond just your body and is for those looking for a drastic change.

We assess then address.

Meet you where you are, look to where you need to get to and we fill that gap with a holistic programme looking at movement, sleep, stress, habits and nutrition. It's taken years of perfecting this with over 70 clients to finally hone this over 12 years to come up with a fail-safe programme to transform you in an out.


This is a 16 week program and availability is limited for these programmes in person.

Enquire and let's discuss your journey.



These sessions focusing on improving your jump rope skills as this was my bread and butter and the start of my coaching career, teaching since 2010.

I can safely say I've taught more people to skip on an individual basis than probably anyone in the UK and over a thousand during 12 years and counting of classes and workshops.


I've learned over the years the hacks and tricks to shortcut your nervous system to enable you to pick up tricks and skills you've been struggling with quicker if you attend a class or watch a video.


Whether it's crosses, double unders or jumping like a boxer, I create a programme for your needs and we reverse engineer the goal.


This is a long story but I'll try my best. 

My coaching career began in 2007.

I was boxing at the time and I was always getting asked about my jump rope skills and if I could teach people.

It was around this time I discovered the best jump rope I've ever used (to this day), being the Buddy Lee Rope Master. I couldn't get enough of these ropes and ended up becoming a distributor that year (long story short).

Now, I started doing a bit of coaching in the gym just on jump rope. In 2010 I established On The Ropes dedicated to jump rope training and selling jump ropes and started the first and longest running jump rope class outside of the US.

This grew to 3 classes across London, 4 quarterly workshops and in 2018 created the first ever globally accredited jump rope certification to certify new coaches.

Now going back a bit, while boxing, I got injured and in around 2011 which gave me an opportunity to develop. I wasn't training as much and began to put weight on as I wasn't eating well (surprise, surprise).

I was asked to help at the gym with some boxing sessions, training amateurs and doing some white-collar camps.

This is what started my transition from competition to boxing coaching.

Now I must say, I was doing all this all while working a day job in the city as a business analyst and later a project manager within the banking sector (this becomes relevant later)

Now, now working and training evenings and weekends, I learned two things:

  1. 1. There is such a thing as burnout
  2. 2. You can't train newbies coming into a gym like you're training seasoned boxers from the off

There was something missing and I needed to fill that gap while also looking at how I could manage my schedule and my life more effectively, as I enjoyed the training, but I couldn't afford to or wasn't comfortable enough leaving my day job (although working as a contractor allowed me the opportunity for breaks)

Anywat, so it's 2011 and I started researching why you 200 crunches a session may not be the best way to train your core and could be a fast track back, about the importance of sleep, nutrition, exercise selection, you name it, I was soaking it up, applying it to myself and the classes.

Now still working contracts in the corporate sector, since 2015 I was working in workplace strategy - looking at office setups, workplace wellbeing and behavioural change. It translated greatly to my personal training practice and around this time I took some week long courses at the renowned CHEK Institute in San Diego, New York and London where the holistic part of my game clicked and it was a huge puzzle piece.

Working with clients who were burned out, didn't have the time to work out were domotivated, I learned it wasn't as simple as giving them some sample recipes, a healthy shopping list and making them sweat doing some HIIT. A holistic approach was needed for many of them.

And working as a project manager for so many years, I knew how to deliver, track and report. It was a perfect combination.

So I've applied all of this knowledge and experience since 2007 into creating programmes that address the challenges I was facing and my clients were facing and am now in a position to provide something that delivers long term results with accountability and tracking. Again, I work with clients for a specific period of time, usually 12 or 16 weeks typically until we reach a goal or milestone (just like a project). And once we reach that, we can create another and reach another plateau or they take the knowldge and lessons learned and continue to apply this in their lives.

That's the short version (if you can call that short!) 

So, if you want to discuss your goals or a potential opportunity to working with me on your goals, give me a call (+447886029603), drop me an email ([email protected]) or fill in the form at the bottom of this page.


Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach

MSc Strength & Conditioning (In progress)

BioMechanics Coach

Level 3 Sports Massage

CHEK Institute Integrated Movement Specialist level 1, 2, 3

CHEK Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 and 2

Founder of The Jump Rope Institute UK

ABA England Boxing Coach

Author of 3 globally accredited Jump Rope Certification programmes 



Our training programmes are designed as such so you don't need another programme for the goal you've set yourself. It has been developed to avoid relapses and to provide you with the knowledge and blueprint for your body so you have all the answers you need going forward.


Work backwards from your goal we've found has helped you keep track and visualse the end from the start


Get you thinking differently about your situation and your relationship with your body and food in order to create better habits bit by bit. Don't just create better habits; eliminate bad ones.


A blanket diet doesn't work and needs to be tailored. What your body likes, what it doesn't as well as making sure you don't go without. There's a way to eat which reaps rewards without the guilt. This is where the value comes in as it usually represents the most challenging part of the programme, so we've made it easy for you.


Take the guess work out of your workouts. Access all your training from an app with follow along videos. Your programme is written taking your goals, limitations and current position into consideration so you progress through the weeks at a rate you're comfortable with.



We assess so we have a starting point and can appreciate any limitations, injuries and how your body works. The weekly check ins provide a forum for questions and help keep you on track.

These are usually once a week for typically 1 hour where you can vent, question and analyse.



The weekly check-ins are there as structured checkpoints. 

But there's always that extra motivation needed or a question. Call anytime. If I'm busy, I'm training or sleeping and will return a call or text back within 2 hours (unless sleeping).

Otherwise, email or text for similar response time



One off sessions: £110 per session



Custom 12 week programme w/2 sessions per week: £85 per session

Full programme: £2720


Custom 12 week programme w/3 sessions per week: £80 per session

Full programme: £3840


EVOLVE 180 16 week programme w/4 sessions per week: £80 per session

Full programme: £4950


Online only custom 12 week programmes only w/support: £475/month (rolling)

£1200/3 months

£1500/4 months



  •  - Holistic lifestyle assessment looking at stress, sleep, digestion, nutrition, fungus and parasites
  •  - Goal setting action plan reverse engineered so we know the exact steps to take to get to the milestones
  •  - Functional movement assessment to check how you move, muscular imbalances, posture and injuries
  • - Custom training programme so can see how every workout is structured
  • - Custom nutrition protocol based on your needs but also your desires 
  • - Support on the phone and via email with 24hr turnaround
  • - Access to online app to be your one stop check-in portal



One off session: £110 per session



12 week conditioning camp - train like a boxer would in camp (don't worry, we won't be cutting water weight in the last 2 days!)


Get in you best shape and learn some boxing skills you could take into the ring by the end of it


Based on 3 workout sessions a week plus diet and nutrition plan:

Total cost: £2500
Per session cost: £80 if paid on a per session basis





  • - 36 sessions one-one-one or shared between 2 including technical coaching and all conditioning sessions
  • - We cover footwork and coordination, stance, punching technique, combinations, jump rope technique, circuits, developing strength and power, muscular endurance, stamina and balance
  • - Assessment and baseline testing (Strength and Conditioning battery of tests as well as movement)
  • - Diet and nutrition plan tweaked weekly
  • - Lifestyle assessment and habit tracking
  •  - FREE pair of real leather boxing gloves (12oz-16oz), Buddy Lee Jump Rope and mexican style handwraps


One-off sessions for £120 per session (typically 75 minutes)  


6 week zero to hero

2 sessions per week over 6 weeks designed to go from never having touched a rope or being a "bad" jumper to getting to crossovers, combos and double unders


Cost: £920 total 


Includes access to our online video with breakdowns of each movement, post-course support for 3 months (post your videos privately on youtube or send to us for critique) and your choice of jump rope


Bespoke programmes

Stuck on something specific and want to know how long it will take to get there?

Based on where are you are currently, I'll assess how long it will take to where you need to get to and create a programme accordingly.


As an example, a recent case study I had was for a model who was to be featured in a skincare commercial and needed to learn how to skip as part of the commercial as a boxer.


We had to get her skipping like a boxer from scratch in 5 weeks for at least 30 seconds unbroken using at least 7 techniques proficiently.


For more about training, please fill in the enquiry form below or call on 07886029603

On The Ropes

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