Need a new cord or a new set of bearings or want to upgrade and customise your existing rope? We have spare cords, replacement swivel bearings as well as our range of new and upgraded cords to really challenge you and provide you a greater workout and get you closer to achieving personal bests.

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Green Hornet Cable For Aero Speed Jump Rope

Stainless steel coated wire construction
Medium weight – excellent for speed
Fits all hyperformance jump rope bearings – RM, AE and CS
8’9″- for users up to 6,2′ (measured including the metal “housing” that holds the cable – please see image above)

Black Rope Cord

9 feet long, these are the replacement cords used with all Buddy Lee Hyperformance jump ropes
Ideal for use as competency increases and you’re looking for adjustable rope sizes.
Great for outgrowing children and trainers looking to train clients of different heights and abilities with the same jump rope.
Different cord sizes can be used with just 1 rope, so you can use 1 rope and many different sizes. Perfect if you’re rope is being shared among a number of people.
Made from very durable PVC, suitable for wood, artificial turf, sport court and rubberized surfaces.
Can be used on cement surfaces, but will wear quicker due to excessive friction.

Patented Swivel Bearing System x2

Designed for superior performance, these eliminate friction and drag, prevent rope tangle and provide an ultra fast and smooth turning motion.
One set of bearings per pack (2 bearings, suitable for one rope)
Durability based on use and personal care. Life span of 6-12 months before replacement needed. Incorrect technique and excessive dropping of handles can put additional stress on bearings.
Recommended that swivel bearings are lubricated with oil such as WD-40, Teflon oil or similar for durability and smooth turning motion.