Jump Rope Personal Sessions – London (In Person)


With over 25 years of jumping experience and 10 years of teaching experience, I have trained over 400 people personally to reach their jump rope goals as well as thousands through my weekly classes and workshops worldwide.

Over that time, I have had the opportunity to learn from the best coaches – my own clients.
That has allowed me to hone the art of teaching jump rope and hack your learning curve so you can progress rapidly.

In addition, I have worked extensively with US Olympian and jump rope pioneer Buddy Lee over the last 10 years, developing training programmes and being the official UK distributor for Buddy Lee Jump Ropes.

Everyone is different, will respond to different cues, have different learning styles and different progression paths. My understanding of the nervous system and

Whether you’re a beginner, lapsed jumper, advanced or stuck on a particular move or routine, book a programme in and get jumping the right way!





Struggling with your jump rope skills or just learning how to jump and want to learn the right way?

We’ve been running classes, workshops and private sessions for 10 years and have trained thousands including over 400 individuals on a private basis.

Our one to one sessions last approximately 1-2 hours and allow you to work on individual skills. Whether this be just learning how to learn the basic jumps, jump like a boxer or more advanced techniques and tricks.

Please call on 07886029603 before booking so availability can be confirmed.


This is flexible within London and can train in most local parks. We come to you.

Multiple sessions

If you want a package of multiple sessions, contact directly on 07886029603 or email [email protected] and we can sort out a package dependent on your goals.

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