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One to One boxing training delivered by an ABA Boxing coach and strength and conditioning specialist.

You have the opportunity to get trained like the pros would go through a session while also going through professional conditioning drills.

All training will be conducted to conform to social distancing. When doing padwork, there is no direct contact and both trainer and boxer will be wearing gloves or pads.

What is covered in the session:

Joint mobilisation and dynamic warmup
– Warm the body up by taking your body through a series of movements designed to raise the body temperature and activate the muscles that will be used during the session, taking them through a full range of motion – approximately 7-10 minutes

Skipping – as part of warm up and including technique
– A fundamental part of boxing sessions and essential for perfecting footwork and coordination. We use this as part of the warmup as well as working on technique so you can look like a boxer while jumping rope.

Footwork and movement drills
– We run through coordination and footwork drills which combine upper and lower body movements, moving forward, backward, laterally learning how to balance and use your hips.

Boxing technique and shadow boxing (punches and combinations)
– Moving on from movement, we combine this with correct punching technique, covering basic and advanced punches and combinations while standing still and on the move as well as incorporating defensive tactics and skills.

– This is where its’s combined together and you get to showcase your skills on the pads and learn to improve. Everyone loves tp punch stuff, so this is when you get to do this.

Conditioning circuits/core work
– Finishing off with some circuits where we use stations incorporating strength, speed, agility, power, coordination and endurance and working your core.

Stretch out
-Now those muscles are warm, we can work on stretching and flexibility and ensure you’re muscles are lengthened and you’re ready for another workout.

Equipment required:
Boxing gloves – any 12oz to 16oz boxing gloves will do. Due to Covid-19, we don’t recommend sharing boxing gloves so can’t supply these.
All other equipment will be provided.

£70 per session

Duration: Approx 60-90 minutes

Location: Hyde Park

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