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Personal Training/Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Personal Training packages.

As a qualified CHEK Holistic Practitioner & Strength & Conditioning Coach, you will get a 4 step package to overhaul your body from the inside out.

  1. Assessment – includes hormonal profile, lifestyle assessment and diet & nutrition assessment.
  2. Physical assessment – movement literacy, posture and athletic assessment
  3. Program Design – based on the above assessments
  4. Training sessions & re-assessments – training sessions include all online training and access to your own portal with video library, exercise demonstrations and program schedule. All assessment scores and re-assessments will also be on there.


  • Online only package: £250 per month (includes 2 weekly, 30 minute skype or phone sessions)
  • Online w/one session per month: £300 per month
  • Ad-hoc personal training sessions: £90 per session

All packages below include the online package for free (£250 value)

  • 12 week programme (2 sessions per week) – £2050
  • 12 week programme (3 sessions per week) – £2700
  • 12 week programme (4 sessions per week) – £3200
  • 12 week programme (5 sessions per week) – £3600

Boxing Training Camp

Train like a boxer for 8, 10 or 12 weeks and experience what it’s like to go through a conditioning training camp (minus the sparring so no need to get hurt).

As a boxing and strength and conditioning coach experienced in training boxers for fights, this takes you through that same experience but isn’t like you would find if training for a white collar fight. This is the first of its kind being made available to the public. Not a bunch of sit ups and press ups. We train you the may modern day boxers at the highest level condition themselves mixing old school tried and tested methods with 21st century science.


The process:

  1. Strength and Conditioning assessment: we map your strength, speed, endurance, power, agility, coordination and balance through a series of tests to establish a baseline and create a programme.
  2. Boxing Training – we work on technique including defence, offence, footwork and strategy going through the basics up to advanced. Including shadowboxing and padwork.
  3. Conditioning training – we work through the force-velocity curve so you’ll see improvements in all areas, working on creating muscle tone, strength, agility, power and endurance in the right order.
  4. Re-assessment – we re-test your physical attributes and see how far you’ve come along.

What you’ll learn and achieve:

  • Boxing Footwork
  • Boxing attacks and defence
  • Jump rope (being a jump rope coach for 9 years, you’ll jump like Mayweather by the end)
  • Conditioning drills to use in your own training
  • How to eat to cut or gain weight
  • Improvements in all bio-motor abilities
  • Get in the best condition you’ve ever been in

Prices (3 sessions per week):

8 week camp: £2100

10 week camp: £2500

12 week camp: £2900

Jump Rope Training

Teaching Jump Rope across the world for 10 years +, we’ll get you jumping like a pro in no time.

We already offer multiple courses, but if you want personal instruction from an expert with over 10000+ coaching hours and over 300 people individually taught, we can help.


One-off session: £85 per session

Block of 10 sessions: £600 (valid for 4 months)

Block of 5 sessions: £350 (valid for 3 months)