Super Sonic Speed Rope by Lee Reisig


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• Turns at Super Speeds up to 7+ revolutions per second.
• Patented O-ring swivel bearing system creates tangle free turning and natural arc of the rope.
• Perform EASY Double, Triple, Quadruple and Quintuple Unders.
• Multiple Criss-Cross Unders made EASY.
• Adjustment and Attachment System prevents slipping and popping of cable.
• Adjust wire length with normal cutting pliers.
• Cables are replaceable – Use Hex Key to secure and replace cable
• Comes with its own carrying bag
• Jump on smooth surfaces to prolong the cable life.
• Endorsed by Guinness Book World Record Holders and World Champion Jumpers
When cutting the cable, use a bicycle cable cutter, to avoid cable from fraying. We do not endorse any bicycle cable cutter, but here is an example: Click here

The cables are 10′ long and made of stainless steel wire, a very durable material that is recommended for smooth INDOORS WOOD and RUBBERIZED surfaces to prolong the cable life. Do NOT jump on CONCRETE!