Green Hornet Cable For Aero Speed Jump Rope


Stainless steel coated wire construction
Medium weight – excellent for speed
Fits all hyperformance jump rope bearings – RM, AE and CS
8’9″- for users up to 6,2′ (measured including the metal “housing” that holds the cable – please see image above)



A medium weighted coated speed cable cord designed at the perfect weight and thickness to take your jump rope training to another fitness level!

Enjoy the hyperformance training effects of this cable cord. It provides a super smooth turning motion for the beginner to advanced jumper. Where in each turn of the rope you can feel that it challenges the upper body, arms, shoulders, wrists and the entire body for a super fit and high intensity workout.
These cables are made with stainless steel wire, a very durable material that is recommended for wood and rubberized surfaces to prolong the cable life. Do not jump on concrete!

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