Buddy Lee’s Jump Rope Training Book 2nd Edition


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The 2nd Edition of the world’s best selling jump rope training guide by Buddy Lee used to train over 25 US Olympic teams.

Part I: Jump Rope Training Progression
Chapter 1: Introducing the Buddy Lee System
Chapter 2: Get Ready to Jump
Chapter 3: Step 1: Base Phase: Master the Basic Techniques
Chapter 4: Step 2: Conditioning Phase: Develop Jump Skills and Endurance 
5: Step 3: Sports Training Phase: Add Anaerobic Intensity
Part II: Jump Rope Training Programs
Chapter 6: Build Endurance
Chapter 7: Increase Speed and Quickness
Chapter 8: Gain Strength and Power
Chapter 9: Improve Agility, Rhythm, Balance, and Coordination
Chapter 10: Condition for Specific Sports and Fitness Goals
Part III: Supplemental Uses for Jump Rope Training
Chapter 11: Warm-Up, Cool-Down, and Active Rest
Chapter 12: Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
Chapter 13: Weight Loss for Athletic Goals