Buddy Lee’s Aero Speed Jump Rope


  • Designed for ultra speed (5-6 turns per second) and power jumping
  • Excellent for double and triple unders and beyond.
  • Voted the ‘smoothest, fastest and best-balanced rope” by Men’s Health and was also featured in Men’s Fitness and Men’s Muscle.
  • Made with 6” Aluminium handles.
  • Rope cord allows easy adjustment to customize rope length for individual heights and skills levels.
  • Suitable for people 6’5” and under.

The Buddy Lee Hyperformance Aero Speed jump rope is the ultimate speed rope for the elite athlete or fitness enthusiast.

This is designed for all out speed, and is therefore popular with the most dedicated athletes who are training for specific sports or to increase speed, power and endurance. The aluminium handles provide greater durability, and encourage a faster turning motion. Go for this if you want serious results and are training for competitions or increasing performance.

Designed for speeds of 5-6 turns per second and for power jumps, this rope is suited for all levels of jumpers. Easily adjustable rope length using the patented swivel bearing system eliminating friction, drag, tangling and ensures smooth turning action.
with the ability to replace cords or use multiple cords of various sizes for one rope.

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