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See a snapshot of our range of courses below. We’ve honed these over many years to provide the most comprehensive set of jump rope courses you’ll find anywhere.

Jump Rope Fitness - Tuesdays

£ £10 per class

Per WeekThis is what started it all. We have been running for 9 years now, the original jump rope class in London where we have trained over 1000 jumpers.

With a unique mix of jump rope techniques, speed, agility and coordination drills, you’ll find the perfect balance between improving and honing your jump rope skills and getting a great workout in at the same time.

Suitable for all abilities, ages and fitness levels, we include regressions and progressions so there’s something for everyone.

Jump Start Programme

£ £300 per person

4 weekends, 16 hoursWe launched this back in 2013 after we had requests from those who wanted to learn how to do the basic and progress to the advanced stuff.

This course takes you from a complete beginner (even if you’ve jumped before) and goes through the progressions through to double unders and everything in between, so we cover side swings and cross overs as well as boxer step.

You’ll gain a grounding in around 16 different movements and will learn to build routines.

Jump Like a Boxer

£ £100 per person

2 days, 1 weekendAlways wanted to jump like a boxer?

This was our original class we launched after demand from people wanting to jump rope like Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali.

We go over the basics and then into around a dozen different variations of the boxer step as well as squat jumps, crossovers and side swings.
Learn to weave these together to build a highlight reel of impressive steps or impress in the gym.

Backwards Masterclass

£ £150 per person

2 days, 1 weekendJumping backwards is almost a different sport altogether.

We show you how to jump backwards including how to incorporate turns and transitions and how to integrate this with forward jumping to improve your coordination and jump rope skills.

Once we’re done, you’ll be able to incorporate this into an impressive looking routine combining movements, turns and transitions between going forwards and backwards.

Double Under workshop

£ £70 per person

1 day, 3 hoursWant to conquer your double under game?

This workshop gets you there.

We offer a guarantee where if by the end of the session you don’t achieve a passable double, you’ll get free access to the weekly classes and can take this workshop again until you achieve it. That’s how confident we are.

For those feeling super-confident, we may even venture into triple under territory.

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