The original and most popular course we do. Learn to jump rope like Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson and all the greats. Put together a routine and get a highlight reel made for promos for fights or just to show off to friends.

This programme was created off the back of training in boxing gyms and having the pros ask how to skip a certain way and from a lot of white collar fighters who were creating promo videos as part of their charity fights and they wanted to look impressive on the rope.

While keeping these in the boxing gym, we’ve now taken this course to the wider public for the first time so anyone can learn how to jump like a boxer.

  • Shadow jumping
  • Basic jumping
  • Introduction to types of boxer step
  • Alternate foot step
  • Alternating front kick-out
  • Heel taps in front
  • Toe tap in front
  • Toe tap back alternate
  • Heel to toe
  • Lateral jumping
  • Stance jumping
  • Squat jumping
  • Duran step
  • Cross-overs
  • Double-unders
  • Double under crosses
  • Side swings and transitions
  • Develop a 3 minute routine

By the end of the course, you will be be able to:

  • Learn all the various steps included in a boxer’s routine from all the variations of boxer step to crossovers and double crosses
  • Put a 3 minute routine together
  • Learn how to land and regulate your breathing to jump for extended periods
  • Learn how to use side swings to transition
  • Aspiring boxers or those with boxing experience and want to refine their jumping technique
  • Those who have completed our Jump Start programme and would like to learn specific techniques
  • Beginner jumpers who can perform the basics adequately and feel they can move onto this. It’s an intense few hours with a lot of learning. Best thing is to email us or call and we can discuss your suitability and goals.
  • Jump rope if you have one. If not, can borrow one of ours or buy one from our range
  • Appropriate footwear such as trainers or boxing and/or wrestling boots
  • Bring some water with you as there will be a lot of jumping
  • That’s it!
  • £125 per person per course
  • 2 day course
  • 4 hours
  • Please check schedule below for dates
Dates: TBC Dates: TBC
1 day
4 hours of teaching
Certified trainers
Small groups