Become a Jump Rope coach and Buddy Lee Jump Rope Ambassador with On The Ropes and the Jump Rope Institute!

For those of you looking to become certified jump rope trainers and join our network pf ambassadors, become a Buddy Lee Jump Rope trainer. Working in conjunction with the Jump Rope Institute, these qualifications are the first of their kind. If you’re a personal trainer looking to further your education and teach jump rope to your clients or in your studio, then this there’s no better way to gain your CPD’s. We offer the Level 2 and Level 3 course and each are eligible for 16 CPD points each.

Want to learn how to jump rope but don’t know where to start?

This is the class for you. We developed the Jump Start programme to serve many of the attendees of our classes who wanted to learn the techniques to jump rope properly. Over 5 weeks, we take you from beginner to proficient and has become one of our most popular courses. Click below for more details.

Our most popular course. We’ve been running this for 6 years now and is what started it all. Everyone wants to jump like Ali, Mayweather and Tyson so we created this 1 day masterclass to show you exactly how!

The thing everyone wants to do but is the most troublesome. We started this to help crossfitters learn doubles and have now expanded this to even include triple unders.

Everyone will be able to do a double by the end of this. Click below for full details.

The newest addition to our schedule and created to keep things interesting for our most experienced students, we’ve been running the backwards jumping masterclass since 2014. Upgrade your skills and master the art of backwards jumping.

Our bread and butter. Our weekly classes in London which have been running for over 5 years. A combination of jump rope and fitness drills and exercises to create a unique training concept.

Do you own or run a club, gym or community group?

We’ve run seminars, workshops and bespoke courses for boxing gyms, commercial gyms, schools and workplaces to encourage physical wellness through jumping rope and to teach specific skills for sports.

If you’d like for us to run a bespoke class, please contact us using the form below or just call or us directly on 0845 436 0000, 07886 029603 or email us at

Private sessions will now be conducted online for the foreseeable future. Please contact us below to find out more or click the following here to buy sessions.

Please get in contact using the form below or just call or us directly on 0845 436 0000, 07886 029603 or email us at