Corporate Wellness Training

Corporate Wellness

We aim to get your employees feeling better, moving better and looking better in a safe environment to ensure they are kept productive.

There are so many benefits to using as with our unique blend of classes plus the benefits for your staff with an increase in morale, productivity, reduction in sick days and a fitter workforce, both mentally and physically.


We bring the gym to you

We provide the equipment

You provide the space

Get the same results as you would in a gym

Employee Benefits

Increase productivity

Increase morale

Increase team building & camaraderie

Improved work/life balance

Company Benefits

Reduce sickness & absence

Multiple packages available with discount

Perks for new staff when recruiting

Preferential PT rates for your staff

Workshops & Assessments

Customised programmes for your staff at a flat, reduced fee
Biomechanics assessments

Guest Speakers on stress, health and wellbeing, productivity and motivation from figures and coaches in fitness and elite sport

Awareness and wellness days focusing on nutrition, blood pressure, diabetes and stress reduction

Staff logins to personalised programmes

Dedicated account manager available anytime

Corporate wellness services


Anytime you want to, but typically mornings, lunchtimes, after work/evening.

We currently offer 7 classes – Boxing, Functional HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, TeamFit, RopeFit.

Our most popular class, learn the fundamentals of boxing technique from an ABA England boxing coach and unleash some of that stress on the pads while getting fitter at the same time.

We’ll incorporate some jump rope, padwork, defensive and offensive drills, strategy, teamwork drills and a metabolic finisher at the end.

Duration: 50-60 minutes

Our unique take on HIIT, this is a shorter, intense class consisting of metabolic circuits designed to burn fat for days while improving strength, speed, power and endurance.

We make this functional by using the 6 primal patterns ensuring you’re not just burning fat by improving your bio-motor abilities as well as your movement capacity.

Makes for a great workout while leaving enough time to grab a quick lunch.


Duration: approx 30- 40 minutes.

Great as a stress reliever and to bring energy into the body, our yoga instructors tailor a class for your work environment.

Great to slot in at the start of the day or to relieve some stress at the end of it.

Duration: 60 minutes

With the many benefits of improving back pain, we believe Pilates is an invaluable addition and our instructors will make sure to tailor it to the demands of the office.

Duration: 60 minutes

Another On The Ropes exclusive, bring our world renowned jump rope classes to your office.

These have been running since 2010 and we’ve even introduced the concept abroad. Now offering to corporates, a class like no other.

Combine jump rope skills and technique with interval bodyweight and speed and agility training to create a unique blend to charge up your nervous system, burn some calories and most importantly have fun while learning a new, invaluable skill.

Duration: 60 minutes

Exclusive to On The Ropes, we pioneered this concept a few years ago and it proved very popular. You’re assigned teams and compete with each other in fitness and strategy based events which challenges you both mentally and physically. Think bootcamp meets crystal maze with some school sports day thrown in.

Makes for a great team building event or an entire day on it’s own!

Duration: 60 minutes

Workshops/Guest Speakers

With our partners and the expertise in our teams from a range of disciplines as well as guest speakers from mental health practitioners through to the world of professional and Olympic sports, we offer a number of different workshops, presentations, lectures and entire fitness days focusing on:

  • Mindfulness
  • How to reduce stress in the workplace
  • How to manage low back pain
  • How to fit in exercise into your schedule
  • Getting enough sleep?
  • How, what and when to eat for optimal mental performance
  • Champions mindset
  • How much water should I be drinking?

Some of these are practical and some presentations, although they can be tailored to your requirements. We’re happy to help.

Fitness/Wellness Days or Promotions

We can arrange entire fitness days to focus on a particular area you’re looking to promote.

We take care of everything from marketing and promotional material through to supplying trainers and coaches.

As an example,  we’ve recently showcased the benefits of foam rollers where we partner with leading suppliers and provide demonstrations to clients on how your staff can use these to help prevent injuries, move better and stretch out.

Team Building

Want to do some team building without leaving the building? Let us bring this to you. Using our popular TeamFit concept, we use this to present a unique team building exercise for your organisation.

We can bring this to you, do it in a park or hire a private studio.

Personal Training

Are your staff interested in personal training but don’t know where to start and would like to help?

Let us do the legwork for you so you don’t have to find the perfect trainer for you.
We have trainers spanning those experienced in boxing, yoga, weight loss, holistic wellness, nutritionists, CHEK Practitioners, back pain specialists. With our vast network, we can definitely help you out.
The same trainers that come into your organisation are available for personal training at preferential rates.
Our personal trainers are of the highest standard and experienced in training individuals for performance, fitness and wellness goals.
All our trainers are fully insured, qualified to at least a level 3 standard and first aid trained and certified.
Have a word with one of our trainers next time you attend a class; they’ll be happy to help.
Alternatively, please contact us directly and we can have a quick consultation with you to link you up with a suitable trainer.
All sessions are taken locally in a gym in the city. If you’re looking for something at other times such as weekends or in your own gym or home, this can also be arranged, again at a preferential rate.

Free Trial

We offer free taster sessions of any and all of our classes so you can see which ones your staff prefer and you’d want to incorporate into your wellness strategy.

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