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Why our mats?

Why should you choose our mats when there are so many out there, many seemingly suitable for jump rope.

The most common these days are jigsaw/tatami mats which are interlocking foam mats and can be purchased for as little as £9.99 for a 1m x 1m piece.

I've even used these before, but they are far from ideal to use. The only advantage is the interlocking so you can create a greater surface area. But when practising moves, you're going to be mainly in one place. If you're going to move, you're moving a lot, which requires at least 4 or 5 of these to make it worthwhile.

In terms of jumping rope, most mats like these and others out there are too soft. They do not offer the rebound capability you'd get from a more traditional jump rope surface such as a boxing ring or gym floor. They absorb a lot of the impact requiring more effort on your part to jump. Good for building strength in your legs, but will limit your ability to really jump anaerobically for long periods as well as impact your speed.

Due to to puzzle format, these are also prone to catching the rope, which interrupts your jump. The size being a square doesn't provide enough surface area in front to jump. You need less width and more length. This shape does not conform to the requirements.

One of the biggest disadvantages we find and people complain about is the portability. You can't just roll this up and put it in your car to take with you on the road. It's solid without the ability to store easily or take with you.
Ultimately, these mats are designed to be fixed in one place such as a home gym in the garage. They allow flexibility to change layout, but it's still only designed if you only skip in the same place all the time and need it for that.

So what if you don't have garage or a space to do it? What if you have to do it in your backyard or driveway. These are multiuse areas where you'll have to find somewhere to store this once you're finished.

We have taken all this into account and have worked to develop and release a mat specifically for jump rope that meets all the needs for our customers.
We use a highly elastic, high-rebound surface with the hardness comparable to a gym floor, yet giving the same give and level of shock absorption to provide adequate rebound and prevent injury.
It is 1m by 2m giving enough more than enough width, but giving the extra length that is needed.

40 shore hardness which a medium-soft providing flexibility and rebound
Anti-slip, so won't move around no matter where you put it.
Most importantly, can be rolled up safely without any damage to mat.
10mm thick, giving just appropriate thickness.

We believe we have covered every base here to ensure the perfect, portable jump rope mat.
Of course, due to the specificity of this, we are looking at more than the £10-£15 you'll pay for the jigsaw mats, but the trade off with the results is worth it.
For £25, you will receive the ideal mat which will last for years on any surface.